With its notable standing in the Turkish furniture industry, VISTASO is continuously developing bedroom sets, living room and dining room groups, kid and teen room sets for consumers’ comfort and life style to take its place one step further, become an esteemed brand in world furniture indsutry. Established in 2005, VISTASO’s elegant and select products meet consumers worldwide especially in EU countries, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Iran. VISTASO follows up every technological progress, innovation, design advancements and the up-to-dates of the world furniture industry and hence enhancing consumer oriented quality and design benchmark.


To produce with love for every living space in the world in accordance with world-wide standards.


To create a happy family with our employees and our consumers, whilst adding confidence, quality and value to every living space as our customers expect; producing with RD based on the land’s cultural richness and genuine designs with different, determinant, environment friendly, respect to the society and contribution to the economy of the country based structure.


Our company which targets the highest quality of production with continuously developing technology aims to bring confidence, qualişty and value-adds to all living spaces; while putting customer satisfaction first, our main mission is to apply quality management systems.


The basis of our human resources policy is respecting humans & effort.
To select qualified candidates who are convenient for our company goals
To consist participant and learner organizations which are convenient for changing systems and working conditions
To treat our employees as the best value of the company
To gain talented and successful people for our company, to help for their devolopment, to encourage them and work together successfully for long years
With regular education programmes, helping the employees become helpful for the company and their society
Making the workers helpfull for society and campany by giving permanent education.
To offer the opportunity of promotion of our employees within the basis of the principle of equality.
To observe employees’ devolopments and performances with career planning methods
To consider the quality of our products and services equivalent with the quality of our employees
To be served as a model when it’s employer-employee relationship mentioned